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Gotta resurrect the classics. 

I've got a new pup who gets to come to my office and hang out with me, and so despite all the other crumminess that's something that makes me happy at least. He has a nice face.


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7 minutes ago, Ragnarocker said:

Great innit! Kids loving the movies, Me and Laura have been enjoying the wonderful human that is Jeff Goldblum! And of course The Mandalorian! 

Eliza is still a bit young for Duck Tales, but i'm persevering.

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14 hours ago, Chi said:

Rediscovering old favourites. Been blasting the 2013 mix of In Utero and it's giving me feelings.

This is going on LOUD today. I was listening to MSP Holy Bible US mix the other day, not sure what to make of it, I should enjoy it a bit more but feels a little forced after hearing the original mix so much. But that's not the case with In Utero. 

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7 hours ago, Hooked Lung said:

I borrowed a pressure washer and it's the greatest thing. Anyone that breaks the social distancing rules within range of my yard gets pressure washed in the face.

I also borrowed one and then was allowed to keep it, now I can’t believe I used clean the car using just buckets of water or a normal hose. 

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Let's see if Twitter embeds automatically... (it does! just paste a link in.)

This dude is my favourite person of the day. Watching the host squirm when he keeps refuting everything he says is great. Chamath used to be a Facebook guy, then went on record saying he regretted it and thinks Facebook sucks. He's good people, and he looks super high in that photo which adds to it.

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