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  1. Where can I read this? Thanks
  2. Not today but in the very near futute. I just noticed the taint final show poster on the wall of my noise/music room. on friday, Its ten years since the last taint show 😳
  3. Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure. I'm so glad we never released the second recording. Coincidentally, anyone seen or heard from andy in the last few years? is he still alive?
  4. Went back to education via an access course, completed a degree, got a first and started a masters. Have been doing a noise/ambient thing for a while, need to record and put up somewhere like bandcamp. id like to be in a band again though, play with other people, few things I got going didn’t last unfortunately due to flakey people.
  5. Juniper would win, clearly. Or should that be guaran?
  6. That of all the bands to come out of South Wales bwp are still going and one of the biggest 🤯 bet eat none of us saw that one coming
  7. Marriage and kids. never wanted either but now love both. best thing I ever did, apart from routine check, obviously.
  8. Search wraith reflection records and the songs come up
  9. Ive got the wraith seven inch, might have a couple of copies. The 4 songs from the seven are on YouTube somewhere. @BlackHowl I still want a copy of the keep demo that was a CD-R.
  10. sunstroke. Punky hardcore with a moving target vibe Daughters comeback record was damn good https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4G-N_nm3QnU
  11. What you called? I’ve been on a noise, contemporary music and jazz buzz for a few years now but always kept a few heavy things to listen to but often related to the weird stuff. I’ve got some hardcore recommends too. the last The Body record was great Sightless pit caught my attention. Singer from full of hell and drummer/producer from the body and Kristin hayter (lingua ignota) Lingua ignota edit: not sure why lingua ignota is the only one embedding.
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