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  2. Yeah we did a short first with Simon Russell Beale playing the man in the toll booth. It was on in Chapter once - think maybe you saw it there.
  3. Spotter: Jon Sinfield (original SWM alias forgotten). Gatto Lounge Pontypridd, eating cake.
  4. I feel like I've seen this, but it was a short film? Did you do a short before making the feature?
  5. Great seeing Jay and other SWM'ers on Friday at the Head of Steam! I was pretty wasted but it was great fun....would love to do a regular meet up with more members :) Safe journey home Jay and see you soon 🤗
  6. I keep trying and failing to watch it. I'm still on like year 18 to get through The Wire, I'm on Season 4.
  7. JayX

    Thanks SWM

    Oh man! I was due to got to FYA Fest in Tampa in January with my friend who flew over, but we decided at last minute it was too risky as Covid was out of control so stayed home. Caught Covid that weekend anyway. Should've just gone.
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