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  1. The Death of CDs/ The Death of Her Money removed the 'Her'/ Spekulatius Twix.
  2. There are a bunch of old SW bands, for me mainly hardcore and punk bands, whose recordings I'd love to get my hands on again. I'm sure some of you feel the same, so I figured a thread of "does anyone still have..." would be great to see if anyone still had any of these records still knocking about on their computers/ hard drives. Mine would be: All Washed Up (played with these guys for a while, but would love to get a hold of that EP they did) Human Race State Run Freeze Up (again, played in FU but have no idea where to find this, online or otherwise) The Slowdanc
  3. Preacher is genuinely class. I haven't seen the TV show, but the comics are some of the best I've read. Check out Joe Sacco - Palestine, Footnotes in Gaza and The Fixer are all amazing non-fiction graphic novels and a great example of the format being used to pursue intense non-fiction narratives. The superhero thing was ALWAYS what put me off graphic novels. And if you enjoy Maus, Art Spiegelman's other book, In The Shadow of No Towers, about 9/11, is also fucking brilliant.
  4. I don't like this new thing of wacky far out shows about like intergalactic time travelling dysfunctional families or whatever. Rick and Morty wasn't that funny, but they said everything very quickly and angrily so I guess that's what they're going for.
  5. Wow shit, I'd forgotten that!
  6. Just got a hook up for free year's pass for BFI from a friend - if I hadn't already got it, I would definitely shell out for it. It's a revelaton. Fiver a month or fifty a year for an amazing collection of classic and modern films and also the most incredible collection of archive footage, all archived on a map of the UK. From Cardiff Blitz, Porthcawl in the 50s (both of which were strange without Barry Welsh talking over them) through Aberfan, the miner's strikes, even a 4 minute video of someone driving around Bridgend pre-pedestrianisation, with it's loads of pubs, hoards of revellers and a
  7. Anyone able to report on Chris Crabb? Been too long since I saw or heard word from that guy!
  8. Can we talk about the gaping hole left in the music of the world by the front-to-back cancelling of Lost Prophets from the face of popular culture? The guitarist was the happy family dad on a Sainsbury's advert last year. I saw him at a Mew show in London a few years ago and he was really nice to me. I bet people from South Wales give him a wide berth now.
  9. Kai here - I was a very young, impressionable teenager when I was last around here. I was in some South Wales bands - Young Prisoners, Freeze Up, All Washed Up, Solutions (remember the Against Nick! furore, I'm about 90% sure he was on the New Years honours list for services to the Home Office - but he went through some serious shit at the time. I see him sometimes and he's a top gent) and then Goodtime Boys. I left, became a German teacher, lived in the South East for a while and taught at a grammar school, aaand now I live in Berlin with my lovely Californian wife and teach English and Germa
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