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  1. I keep trying and failing to watch it. I'm still on like year 18 to get through The Wire, I'm on Season 4.
  2. JayX

    Thanks SWM

    Oh man! I was due to got to FYA Fest in Tampa in January with my friend who flew over, but we decided at last minute it was too risky as Covid was out of control so stayed home. Caught Covid that weekend anyway. Should've just gone.
  3. An encyclopedia of knowledge as ever, Rob Holdfast.
  4. Still mad a girl stole my Shootin Goon demo with the original vocalist from me back in like... 2001.
  5. New Deftones record is good, to zero surprise. Looking forward to listening to it on my speakers rather than tinny headphones.
  6. Well you definitely get poster of the day award, top work mate.
  7. I bought a bass a few months ago and there's a good chance I'm even worse now than I was before. In the words of Bill and Ted, maybe it's time I learnt how to play.
  8. Let's go invade Dragon Ninja.
  9. Looks like it didn't like the mobile YouTube links so I switched em out. The daughters one was the same link as the Sunstroke one though.
  10. Ha, yeah live MMA events are definitely a thing to enjoy for a multitude of reasons. I remember scoring a few tickets for Valley of Kings for doing a bit of promo on here. The main memory of the night was a dude coming out dressed as Inspector Gadget complete with a dubstep version of the theme, and promptly getting knocked out so hard he had to be wheelchaired off. https://www.tapology.com/fightcenter/events/9631-vok-1 Used to go to a few down in Cardiff Bay too, was tempted to go to Bare Knuckle Fight Club here a few months back until I found out it wasn't just a clever name and d
  11. Yeah for sure, can't have these things just disappear. I have soooome stuff but low quality as it was for streaming and I wouldn't use mine unless nobody else can find copies.
  12. I had it on from the beginning of the prelims at 6pm so I was burnt out by the time the main championship matches came on, I watched some of the Aldo one where the ref needs to be fired on the spot. The women's matches on the main card were both really good. I see there's a welsh dude on the prelim tomorrow so I'll stick that on for sure. I loved Halt and Catch Fire, the cast in that show is just the absolute best. Made me laugh by the end of the show they pretty much invented everything in tech between about 5 of them. Silicon Valley was fun too, I finished watching that recently.
  13. That's in my next batch of shows to get through once I clear some current ones out, he soured me with the Chris Brown thing a bit but heard good things about the show. UFC Fight Island is on Saturday, so I've reserved some beers and low expectations for that.
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