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  1. I've got at least 3 albums/EPs that I never finished for various reasons, so I'm getting them done. That's about it though.
  2. Yeah, I've been using the little M&S and little Sainsbury's in town, but when we need cat food and heavy stuff I gots to brave the covidiots in Tesco.
  3. Just been to Tesco. People are absolutely incapable (or unwilling) to follow the one way system or stay 2m away.
  4. Oh man, I can't believe I forgot to put Withnail & I in there.
  5. I need to rewatch Jaws. It's the favourite film of a lot of my friends. I remember it being good, but not top 5 good. I'll see if it's on Netflix
  6. Top 6 because I couldn't narrow mine down to 5. 1. Leaving Las Vegas 2. Reservoir Dogs 3. Magnolia 4. Smokey & The Bandit 5. Easy Rider 6. Being There
  7. Deathproof is a really fun movie, but just not as perfect as the others. Reservoir Dogs is in my top 5 movies of all time. It's absolutely perfect. There's nothing I would change about it. It's fun, brutal, kitsch, engaging, the performances are incredible, possibly best soundtrack ever. I just love it.
  8. I mean, that's a bold statement. For me it goes: 1. Reservoir Dogs 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Kill Bill 1&2 4. Jackie Brown 5. Inglourious Basterds Then maybe Hollywood at number 6. I could do without Django, Deathproof and Hateful 8 tbh.
  9. I'm an unashamed Tarantino fanboy and I thought Hateful 8 was tedious and Hollywood was very pretty but ultimately disappointing. At least I enjoyed watching Hollywood, lots of great performances and cool kitsch. I really enjoyed 1917, but I watched it with literally zero knowledge. It was only halfway through I realised they were doing the one camera thing.
  10. Yeah, I never made it to season 2. On paper it should've been my favourite show ever. Crazy how they managed to botch it.
  11. Better Call Saul is the best thing around atm. This season especially is better than Breaking Bad even. Bob Odenkirk is absolutely killing it. He's phenomenal.
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