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  1. I get that. I'm pretty tolerant of vocals as 99% do a much better job than I can. I found that with Elder, like their stuff but a lot of it is instrumental, the vocals don't do the music justice for me. That said watching them live it all fitted together.
  2. I enjoyed Modern Rituals but didn't grab me, may be the vocals. Will probably check out their other stuff, might get me in to them. Something in it made me want to really like them.
  3. Totally agree with Elephant Tree, fantastic release. Bought that and their debut after hearing it (already had their 2nd). Estuary Blacks is also a really good listen. If you like Elephant Tree I'd suggest Spaceslug. 4 good albums, this one got me hooked on them https://youtu.be/p4U6i2yeQ-0 I'm going to check out Modern Rituals, sounds like my thing
  4. Just started this last night. Finished Breaking Bad a couple of weeks ago, struggled to keep going with that a little even though it was enjoyable, a bit slow at times and started taking bets with the wife to how long in to the episode WW would get pissed off with someone.
  5. Most the gigs I've bought tickets for this year have been for bands touring and the closest they've got to S Wales is Bristol. So mostly going there (or that was the plan).... it's no different for distance to me travelling to a gig in Swansea for me so not a real issue but would be nice to not have to go that far. Don't regularly attend anywhere in Cardiff like I use to, will go to The Moon if there's band on I like but as others have said it's not great for bands now it's only downstairs. Even rarer that there's anything in Fuel / Clwb that I'd want to attend.
  6. Getting my bands next album out, been slow going since last year (due to individual band member commitments), get the ball rolling and then this all kicked off. So that, that and long cycles, lots of headspace long cycles in to the wilderness.
  7. This is going on LOUD today. I was listening to MSP Holy Bible US mix the other day, not sure what to make of it, I should enjoy it a bit more but feels a little forced after hearing the original mix so much. But that's not the case with In Utero.
  8. That SWM is back. Yeah blowing smoke but hey
  9. Still play bass and still don't say much. Here to post popcorn GIFs
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