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  1. 3 things - 1.Not gigging or practicing with my band brothers (not just today's hate of course! Unfortunately ongoing) 2. Attempting to fight off the alcohol inducing temptations of the joy that is homeschooling 😳 (but luckily its Easter hols at the mo!) and 3. people actually having the gall of wanting us all to clap for Bozza tonight!! (and I'm not meaning that its anything to do with him being ill, I'm not opening that can of worms!)
  2. Great innit! Kids loving the movies, Me and Laura have been enjoying the wonderful human that is Jeff Goldblum! And of course The Mandalorian!
  3. Hey all, and welcome back SWM! I used to (not that frequently) post on here back then, mostly band stuff, stayed away from the politics haha! Used to play in Taint (bass) and for the oldies that remember Disco Assassins and Diabolo. Still play in Spider Kitten (drums and occasionally bass) plus since SWMarmageddon l picked up guitar and formed Made Of Teeth with the bassist from Spider kitten (who plays drums in MoT) and the bassist from Lacertilia, 2 releases to date and album #3 on the way!
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