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  1. 1 Pulp Fiction 2 Oldboy 3Arrival 4 Office Space 5 Goodfellas
  2. Not sure if I saw the Directors Cut bit I thought it was brilliant. Probably better than Heriditery
  3. Current viewing. The Simpsons season 2-9 as I can get away with watching bit with the kids about. Absolutely brilliant. So many quotable lines. Bringing back all the memories
  4. PS4 Dave. But it's cross platform isn't it? Don't know how that works tho. Excellent hopefully shoot /be shot by kids soon
  5. The football season restarting and going down RP to watch County. Going to the pub
  6. Excellent to see this back. My handle was usually European Bob on the old SWM and I was a semi regular poster. Most people know me from unpopular but boozy punk band Terry and the Hipflasks. Since SWM dissolved got married, qualified as a solicitor, two kids. Still boozing on weekends when I can get away with it. Mainly created the profile to see if we can get some SWM sharks COD going again. And nostalgia.
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