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  1. We saw Jack Shore fight in Cage Warriors live in the Ice Rink. Only MMA event I've been to. It was fun, but incredibly cold, and we were probably the only people there that weren't in high heels, from the valleys and absolutely smashed lol.
  2. Oh yeah, it's sinister as fuck. https://projects.tampabay.com/projects/2019/investigations/scientology-clearwater-real-estate/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Normandy https://www.nytimes.com/1997/12/01/us/distrust-clearwater-special-report-death-scientologist-heightens-suspicions.html
  3. I would love nothing more than seeing Clearwater burned to the ground.
  4. We painted a fence and Rae walked Floki on a lead in the back garden. 😻
  5. Straight up. Our best experience on the couple of times we've gone there is Marks and Spencer food hall in Llanishen - no queue, about 10 people inside, and plus they now sell To Ol beer! #suburbia
  6. The bay is great for doing exactly that, just cruising around it, over the hump, back around - many fun, especially when there's no one else there. Whoop!
  7. Due to the fact Skate 4 is never gonna fucking get announced, and all those half-built Skate knock offs suck, I will probably buy this. Not a big fan of the controls, but I did have the originals on a PS1 back in the day, and enjoyed them then. It's just that the SKATE controls are so perfect, at this point I'd even settle for a next gen re-do of Skate 2, as long as it included the Skate 3 "hardcore" mode.
  8. I bet you were a proper little shit of a grommet 😃 When's the last time you skated? Get a complete set-up sorted and come down to our early Saturday morning sessions down the bay once the covids is over. You can re-live those learning to ollie memories all over again!
  9. We also watched Skate Kitchen over the weekend. Been meaning to for ages as I personally think Mid-90's is excellent (as someone who was probably at their peak of skateboarding in this exact era, including going to San Francisco for two weeks with Pritch and others to skate all the spots in the big videos of the time, I thought the tone and feel was spot on. It helps that Jonah Hill used to skate back then, with a lot of pros at the Santa Monica courthouse), so I have to say I am actually staggered by how atrocious I thought it was. It's basically a "proof of concept" by a 6th former who
  10. Checking back in on Mr Mercedes 6 or 7 episodes in to season 1 - the soundtrack is rad! Loads of Reagan Youth, fucking Slapshot last episode we saw lol. Great series so far as well, pretty heavy dog. I'd recommend it.
  11. Jay, are you gonna buy this Saturday's UFC card? We get all fights free on BT Sport, plus we have UFC Fight Pass so get early prelims too, but this has to be one of the greatest cards of all time, assuming it goes ahead without a hitch. I'd LOVE to be able to watch it in real time with a beer or two - you should totally jump on it! Tony Ferguson is literally the greatest fighter on the planet. Not to mention Ngannou and Pettis being on the card too. Can't fucking wait.
  12. Watched this weekend - NOS4A2 season 1, which was good fun. Also jumped on Mr Mercedes; watched the first 2 episodes of season 1, which are excellent, I hope it holds up. Currently watching Dead Man's Line on Amazon, which is fucking bananas. A definite watch.
  13. Got up to date with Bosch last night. Good season, and I just find the whole thing very relaxing for some reason lol. Anyone watched Mr Mercedes yet? Looking at "grabbing" that one, as it's not on Netflix or Amazon. Got a big pile of stuff in both my Amazon and Netflix to watch list to get to, mainly documentaries, "Circus of Books" looks good. Oh, I did see Color Out of Space recently, which I actually really liked. Wish I'd seen it in the cinema, as it looks super cool with all the colours and shit.
  14. You're all tripping, the answer is obviously - ET, Bumblebee, Pretty In Pink, Commando and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors.
  15. Watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last night - loved it, it's by far his best film. I definitely don't get why people say nothing happens. Great ending too!
  16. I think this is actually a quiz, with the question being "which member of one of these bands sucked off Ian Watkins on Motherless?" 😟
  17. Interested in seeing Hollywood just because it's probably cool visually, but I have never been a fan of Tarantino at all. Didn't like the last one I saw about cowboys or something, Better Kill BIll was boring, and the one about a Big Mac being called Une Grande Burgere in France was okay but so over-hyped. His stuff just doesn't sit with me for some reason.
  18. The Innocence Files is good, about 4 episodes in at the moment. Those first two episodes will make you want to go out and beat up a dentist.
  19. Oh yeah, Tiny Rebel. It'll always be UTH in our hearts.
  20. I've still never been to the new Le Pub. Feel a bit bad about that, but life is just different now and for whatever reasons I've not made it across to Newport in forever. Gavin / DIY Cardiff still does gigs sometimes; I think upstairs in Urban Tap House is far superior to the Moon which is indeed horrible for gigs. Saw Mikey Erg there, but even that was probably a year ago now. Stillagoth, you're Goth Simon? Or Gay Goth Guy? I'm confused.
  21. Face To Face are still fully "on fleek" too. Their last proper album Protection was killer, and we saw them open for The Bronx in Bristol a year and a half ago, and they were absolutely flawless.
  22. How about Day Release, with his engrossing tales of tying children to trees and setting them on fire? Or Crazy Amy, with her "sexy" wood carvings? How about Eyebrows - literally the maddest fucker of them all? Dylan McLovin', with his Bridgend based emo fables? When I think about it, SWM back in the day would literally put 1920's freak shows to shame. 😃
  23. Went 30 and 10, coming first in a free-for-all match a couple of days ago - couldn't fucking believe it! You on Xbox One? I'll be back on when the weather isn't so great.
  24. Got two episodes left of season 3 of Ozark. Excellent stuff, as always. Goldblum on Disney+ is also weirdly relaxing lol.
  25. Ah man, seeing Strike Anywnere and Good Riddance over the same weekend will be awesome. Last time I saw Good Riddance they opened for Pennywise at the Hollywood Palladium when I was in LA for work in 2016, and they were the band of the night for sure. Jealous. I am literally looking forward to just getting a CBD slushie from The Greenery in Cardiff Market 😄
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