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Has Wales changed much?

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 So, I moved away the best part of 15 years ago now, with a brief stint in Zooport for 6 months with my ex partner around 10...

I’ve only been back to Cardiff a handful of times since, and I literally didn’t recognise the city centre at all, so much so I was lost at times in and around the extended St. David’s shopping mall, and when I had a little look for a greasy spoon that used to be by the bus station in Newport, I discovered that that part of town was also drastically different now... 

 AAAND, in an apt way, I started watching a series on the BBC last night about a group of vegans descending upon Merthyr, only to have them say it was a new hub of up and coming independent businesses, and was on the rise... what the fuck!?

So, is South Wales really massively different these days, or is it just a case of Emperors New Clothes? Obviously the people are still the best there is 😘

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