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So, the COVID eh...

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Welcome back to SWM, the website needed in times of apocalypse. 

How's everyone doing? Bored? Sick? I'm stuck in my office on a day to day basis still, and trying to avoid people like the literal plague the best I can. Hope everyone else out there is OK and friends and family are all safe. 

Now, our top 10 people we want to get the COVID. Go.

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7 minutes ago, Dai said:

Florida is not the place i'd like to be right now, Jay!

They always keep it exciting down here for sure. At least I have a garden and I'm not in an apartment block anymore, so outside of work I feel isolated plenty. And my freezer is full enough to get me by another week or two. 

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I mean, really obvious but Trump for sure. As much as I can’t stand the bullshit Bojo has pulled over the last 4 years and as much as I hate that he’s my PM, I don’t really fancy a leadership crisis during the worst public health crisis in living memory. So he can live to die another day. 

But Trump. Fuck me. The lies and misinformation he’s spread over the last 6 weeks has been mind bending. And the sad part is, it probably won’t make a lick of difference to his re-election prospects. So just let the cunt die now and get it over with. Ideally this month, so his “it’ll be gone in April, it’ll be like a miracle” soundbite can just be played on loop on the news next the headlines about his demise. 

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