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  1. Facel Vega - Demo, Harbour split and Sceptres split Facel Vega.zip
  2. Harbour - Gwalia Deserta and the FV Spliit Harbour.zip
  3. Oh and Al stored all his flyers on Flickr...
  4. I think I might have more on a different hard drive somewhere. Just been up the attic and got a vans box full of flyers and demos down. I have the following to hand if anyone wants me to rip them; All Washed Up Demo (I'll get his one done on weekend @KaizerQueef) LOL Demo Social Skills Demo Routine Check Demo Of Noble Blood - Let Glory Be I have a couple of boxes up there and I know I 'garan' have Insano, The Keep, NATC and DDF. Probably more but I'll see what I can do.
  5. State Run - Paralysis 7" State Run - Paralysis.zip
  6. Ironclad - Demo and 7"Ironclad.zip Ironclad.zip
  7. Chris Crabbbbbbb Human Race - Demo 2008.zip
  8. Hard drive was playing up and then I forgot about it but here we go. Using the work laptop so going to have to be individual files sorry. Freeze Up - In Effect demo 05 banned in cc.mp3 03 nothing to gain.mp3 04 wise up.mp3 01 Intro_Downcast.mp3 02 blind hate.mp3
  9. I have the Freeze Up demo, Human Race demo and State Run discography. Before I upload to whatever file share site, any chance we store them through SWM and start some sort of archive @JayX? I’ve kept everything so I’ll see what I can do about the others.
  10. I don’t even know where to look for new music anymore so this thread intrigues me. The new Phoebe Bridgers is real good. A podcast recently brought these to my attention; Mindforce - Excalibur think Leeway but harder Ekulu - NYHC/Crossover
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