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  1. So the other day I saw Jimbob from Taint jamming with the current drummer from Sepultura via Zoom / Skype / whatever. Anyone else doing anything cool / interesting /unusual during these lockdown times? I don't think I am, so I wish to live vicariously through your cool stories (bro).
  2. I've seen Crippler in Fuel and Rancour possibly also in Fuel. Both some time within the last 5 years. Actually Crippler was on my birthday. My excuse for slack gig attendance is that I've lived in the South East of England for 12 years and I don't go to gigs there either!!
  3. OK well that description alone has given me the horn so I'm putting this film on the to-do list.
  4. TBH Tarantino stuff usually clicks better with me on the second viewing. I will give it another go at some point but it's by no means high on my to-do list. Sicario - noted. I think I watched it on a tablet while in a hotel room!! More fool me, I'll give it another spin.
  5. Can't be arsed with a thread for each film but I've watched a few more this month due to lockdown: 13 Hours - Best Michael Bay film, possibly his apology for the turd that was Pearl Harbour. It seemed to sneak onto Netflix quietly without the usual Michael Bay hype. Based on some siege/SEALS/CIA snafu in Libya after the fall of Gadaffi. The CIA hate it. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Clunky, awkwardly paced/edited, and I am fully fucking done with Tarantino's feet fetish. Pulp Fiction it ain't. Siege Of Jadotville - Decent, obviously very polished compared to the true brutali
  6. There's some new UKHC zine bouncing about in PDF format called Mentally Vexed that has a feature on Nuclear Family Records. I've uploaded it to this post. MENTALLY VEXED ZINE ISSUE 1 reduced size.pdf
  7. You 100% have the wrong person. Stay off the cough syrup.
  8. Anyone seen? It's like an episode of Black Mirror meets Inside Number 9 with a light sprinkling of The Shining or maybe the Omen. I'd say the premise is stronger than the execution, I'd give it 6 out of 10.
  9. Preacher is vaguely on my radar now as a few people have said this, so I will get to it soon. I also have the 'Killing Joke' Batman thing because people raved about it. Oh and the Maus thing about the Nazis. I don't want to hoard, I'd be happy to just have a handful of the really ace ones and if that means missing out on itty bitty little storylines elsewhere then so be it. The current situation is a great excuse to chill in the garden reading this shit.
  10. Best one I heard was that the world is in lockdown because someone almost reached the end of the flat earth, and so now nobody can travel or the secret of the flat earth would be exposed.
  11. I'm supposed to be at the Nurburgring in Germany right now. We booked it in Jan, and by mid March we knew it was off. We are rescheduling for Sept (we went in Sept last year) but I think even that is hopeful.
  12. Must have been the posh vegan custard creams I found, I've never bought bourbons that weren't the cheapo 'vegan by default' versions from corner shops.
  13. McKee here. Nothing useful to report, I just work and eat Oreos.
  14. Graphic novels. I wouldn't even say I'm 'into' them really, but growing up comics to me was the Beano, not 2000AD or Batman or Dredd or whatever. I never really got it or cared. Then at work I asked a couple of guys who were into comics etc to recommend me something that was a) all in one book cos I knew I wouldn't have the patience for collecting loads of issues b) bleak and gritty They obviously said Watchmen. I'd seen it in shops and on Staunch's shelf but never knew or cared what it was. I bought the graphic novel that weekend and read it twice immediately and it took my head o
  15. I borrowed a pressure washer and it's the greatest thing. Anyone that breaks the social distancing rules within range of my yard gets pressure washed in the face.
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