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  1. Greebo. ❤️ I probably wouldn't have met you if it wasn't for South Wales hardcore haha.
  2. I hate that Coronavirus has left me with invoices 4 weeks late and this shit show of a government denied me UC or business support because I have a "cashflow problem" as opposed to a wage problem. Been a ltd company 6 months and don't qualify for the grant. I'm grand, but why on earth do you pay your taxes if you can't get a hand when you need it? General lack of gigs, football and boxing fries my head. Belfast hardcore isn't great though - have Hornets and a few slam bands. Fuck it, let's keep it positive though.
  3. Can't remember what my old username was back in the mid 00s. From Newry, Northern Ireland - more of a lurker in those days. Got into hardcore through Mighty Atom Recs (Between Order & Model + The Fire In Which The Heart Resides in particular) and the early-mid 00s UK scene as a teen. Moved to Plymouth for university nearly a decade ago probably because of those bands and moved to Belfast four years ago to be closer to my family. Huge affinity for the South West of England and South Wales still. Was lucky to experience some amazing shows down in Cornwall, Devon and a couple in Ca
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