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  1. Oh man! I was due to got to FYA Fest in Tampa in January with my friend who flew over, but we decided at last minute it was too risky as Covid was out of control so stayed home.

    Caught Covid that weekend anyway. Should've just gone.

  2. On 8/22/2020 at 7:59 AM, Thom said:

    id like to be in a band again though, play with other people, few things I got going didn’t last unfortunately due to flakey people.

    I bought a bass a few months ago and there's a good chance I'm even worse now than I was before. In the words of Bill and Ted, maybe it's time I learnt how to play.

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  3. Ha, yeah live MMA events are definitely a thing to enjoy for a multitude of reasons. I remember scoring a few tickets for Valley of Kings for doing a bit of promo on here. The main memory of the night was a dude coming out dressed as Inspector Gadget complete with a dubstep version of the theme, and promptly getting knocked out so hard he had to be wheelchaired off. 


    Used to go to a few down in Cardiff Bay too, was tempted to go to Bare Knuckle Fight Club here a few months back until I found out it wasn't just a clever name and didn't really think I needed to see that.

    Typically I got my times mixed up and missed the Shore fight the other day, I'll have to dig out a clip or find a replay.

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  4. 34 minutes ago, Rae said:

    Fight Island was great!


    Watched all of Halt and Catch Fire recently. Loved it. 

    I had it on from the beginning of the prelims at 6pm so I was burnt out by the time the main championship matches came on, I watched some of the Aldo one where the ref needs to be fired on the spot. The women's matches on the main card were both really good. I see there's a welsh dude on the prelim tomorrow so I'll stick that on for sure.

    I loved Halt and Catch Fire, the cast in that show is just the absolute best. Made me laugh by the end of the show they pretty much invented everything in tech between about 5 of them. Silicon Valley was fun too, I finished watching that recently.

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  5. Yeah you guys are only just behind me in terms of pure heat. Humidity has the ‘feels like’ at 39c here today though. 

    I don’t envy being back home without AC though, if I ever move back I will gladly spend however much it costs to have it installed even if I only use it one week a year. 


  6. Podcast episode time!

    Reply All - #158 - The Case of the Missing Hit

    I’ve had this saved in my ‘to listen to’ list for a few months and finally got around to it yesterday. Was such a great break from the grind of reality for an hour, highly recommended. Just a fun story that had me hooked. 

    (Reply All is such a great podcast, and if you want more then I recommend listening to the two parter Long Distance which is about Indian scam tech support calls, and goes in such a wild direction.)

  7. 9 hours ago, Rae said:

    Watched The Vast of the Night yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Loved the whole radio play/Twilight Zone feel. 

    1950's New Mexico? Strange frequency on the radio? Sold. 

    Yeah this one looks neat, glad you liked!

    3 hours ago, Dai said:

    my friend near tampa had a curfew alert last night, he lives in clearwater though so he's way away from the action, are you all good where you are?

    Yeah pretty much the whole state is under curfew, I didn't get the alert for some reason but others did. 9pm here, which is later than some places which were 4pm. The original protest for here was in a cuty a few minutes drive from me but the officials refused to allow it so they moved it downtown instead. The direct footage I saw was all peaceful, people singing and spirits looked good. Then it sounds like the police/SWAT turned up and provoked violence, like pretty much everywhere else. I thought I might see some collateral damage on my way to work this morning, as my route goes by a few blocks from the action, but I didn't see anything.

  8. Yeah, there's just too much current/backlog stuff that I really want to watch to be really eager about one in a genre I've never really cared about. Even before the last season smackdown, I would see constant moaning from people as the show went on. Same with Walking Dead, glad I stopped watching that before everyone watching it decided it was the worst thing ever. And Sons of Anarchy. 

    More shows like The Americans please, super consistent and ended strong. Succession, Brockmire, Last Dance in the current lineup.

  9. 41 minutes ago, LukeOram said:

    It's too warm.



    My thing: 3rd credit card cloned and used in the space of 2 months. I don't use my card anywhere weird and I try to use Apple Pay as much as possible as it obfuscates the number on use, so this is a real pain in the butt. Then having paranoia that the phone call I got about it was a part of the scam too, so I hung up on them.

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