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  1. my friend near tampa had a curfew alert last night, he lives in clearwater though so he's way away from the action, are you all good where you are?
  2. Dai

    Today I Hate...

    fuck having to leave the house and go to work every day.
  3. I watched the first episode of that on prime, and then discovered i needed to buy an additional subscription to watch more.... fuck that. i'm braced for the bullshit, and obviously i have had parts of the end spoiled for me.
  4. We've been cracking on through Game of Thrones, i don't think i made it past season 6, and Susie never did more than 1. We're getting towards the end of season 5 now, but only really get time to watch 2 episodes at a time really.
  5. Gav, i spotted you on there last night, will get involved soon!
  6. i too back all of the tim robinson love!
  7. there are some people i'd totally forgotten about in those pictures...
  8. stay away from old people who've been on cruises!
  9. Dai

    Today I Love...

    Eliza is still a bit young for Duck Tales, but i'm persevering.
  10. Florida is not the place i'd like to be right now, Jay! I too am in the office daily, a small cog in the food supply chain.
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