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  1. 3 minutes ago, JayX said:

    Speaking of nostalgia, they've finaaaaaally announced a proper HD redo of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 in a double pack with most of the original music. Looks absolutely perfect and everything I've been waiting for for years. Roll on September (human life now scheduled to become extinct in August).

    Consumed - Heavy Metal Winner. Best song of any Tony Hawk game ever IMHO. 

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    7 hours ago, MonkDave666 said:

    I bet you were a proper little shit of a grommet 😃 When's the last time you skated? Get a complete set-up sorted and come down to our early Saturday morning sessions down the bay once the covids is over. You can re-live those learning to ollie memories all over again!

    I've actually got a complete. Got it last summer and didn't use it once! But yeah, I'll definite come meet you down the Bay when it's possible just to cruise around the ramps. I've never been one for tricks. 

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  3. The Last Dance (Bulls/MJ docuseries) is killing it right now. If they'd dumped all the episodes in one go I'd have done 10 hours back to back only stopping for food and piss breaks. 2 episodes a week is a nice pacing though and it's given me something to look forward to in lockdown. 

    It's really a masterpiece in Sports docs, with superb editing and structure. Just brilliantly crafted the way they use key moments from the 98 season (MJ's last in Chicago) to relate back to the key moments of his career and tell his entire story. Highly recommend. 

  4. 3 hours ago, JayX said:

    Yeah Ark is what I was referring to. I've had a copy but never could bring myself to watch it. The story of how it was made was interesting though, and maybe one day I'll give it a shot. I have the first two DAU films which sound... I dunno. They sound something. 

    Put it this way, I've only watched the film twice but the making of documentary probably 5 times! It's breathtaking stuff. The balls on that guy to even attempt it. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Yo_gav666 said:






    Probably in the number 1 spot of the last decade.

    Top 5 ever is fucking impossible so I'm just gonna throw out 5 that come to mind, cuz I'm not trying to spend all night thinking about something that would probably be different next week!


    Inglorious Basterds



    La Haine

    Royal Tenenbaums

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  6. 1 hour ago, Rae said:

    I really enjoyed Estuary Blacks album that they put out last year. That's probably the newest thing I've listened to.



    But I will check these out because I'm listening to the same things over and over at the moment. 

    Kinda surprised I've never heard of them, but yeah, I'm digging that. 

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  7. I'm pretty awful at actively looking for new music. My maxim is basically that all the best records have already been made, and I'm still discovering things from the 60s - 90s as my "new" music. But now that I'm in a band again and follow our label on Instagram, I'm getting to see that there are in fact still really good records being made. So I guess this can be a thread for recommendations of new albums, as they come out that really make you joyous. 

    My first is Modern Rituals new album This Is The History. I'm immediately obsessed with it. Super clever heavy alt-rock vibes. It occasionally reminds me of some bands that I love (Fugazi often springs to mind but possibly mostly because his voice sounds a bit like MacKaye's) while always remaining very distinctly them. Can't recommend it enough.



    Then there's Holy Roar's newest release by Elephant Tree. I think it only came out yesterday and I've already rinsed the whole thing on youtube like 4 times. His voice is stunning. 




    So what new records have got you fired up?

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  8. 4 hours ago, Rae said:

    The last episode of Better Call Saul was superb. So excited for next series. 

    I ploughed my way through 4 on the weekend and now I'm creeping through 5. I do love it.


    I rewatched all of Tim Robinson's stuff on Netflix last night with Phil as he'd never seen any, and I would most highly recommend that to anyone who hasn't seen it. If you look for "The Characters" just watching the Tim Robinson episode. Then watch all 6 episodes of I Think You Should Leave. He's a truly great sketch comic. I'd say it's on a par with Limmy's Show, and if Netflix don't commission more episodes, I'm gonna...write them an angry letter. 

  9. 2 hours ago, stillagoth said:

    Well you were in about 16 yourself weren’t you!? 😘

    Yeah. Better put them all in the same conference of the bracket so I definitely get to the finals..

    Agree on FFAF. Don't like them in the least, but a couple of them did actually post on here at various points in time. Think you can safely add FTMO and The Keep to your list...

    The Slow Dance? Human Race? Captain Insano? Peach Fuzz? Adam was very active on here. We need some gig posters to remind us of some bands.  What was Jon's band called? Freeze Up? Am I completely inventing that? 

  10. It's almost as if a single person with a questionable taste in music and a myopic sense of what the South Wales "scene" was/is gave it about 25 seconds of thought. 

    Was anyone else's curiosity piqued enough to have a look at what "young hollywood clothing" was? Spoiler alert, they're boring t-shirts for douchebags modelled by instagram whores. 

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