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  1. Gay Goth Guy. Who was he? What’s he doing now?
  2. I dunno what the SW scene is anymore. Doom was big for ages but that seems to have died down. Noel is still plugging away doing a million gigs under various guises though! Agreed that the Moon is a terrible venue, but I’ve seen some great bands in there in recent years as it seems to be the only place of its size to accommodate a lot of touring bands. I mostly go to gigs in Bristol though. The back room in Rough Trade is a nice little venue.
  3. Literally anything outdoors. I miss castles and beaches and forests. Also I will definitely be booking a holiday somewhere hot and cultural. And just hanging out with mates! Me and Kate and a few others have matching “healing vibes” tattoos and we usually spend lots of time together. I miss them all so much!
  4. Disney+ cos I’m 34 now and only carefully targeted nostalgia makes me happy
  5. Oh hi. Guess who married an SWM member and bought a house with them. Otherwise I’ve got more liberal and insufferable over time. Ready to get back to arguing with members of Shaped By Fate on the internet
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