1. JayX

    Staring at so much code it feels like I'm back in The Matrix

  2. chi

    *blocks all content from Unilad

  3. chi


  4. chi

    well today has been awful. truly awful in every respect. thank fuck i've got band practice later.

  5. JayX

    .@ClickHole are the absolute best at taking subtle jabs at people inside their articles. #dontstealtweets http://t.co/DyefYSuwY8

  6. chi

    So, I've found religion. Specifically a religion I invented about 5 minutes ago, although I insist you all give it as much respect as all other religions deserve. Here's the thing though, our figurehead is Zoidberg and i would find it grossly offensive if anyone drew a picture of him. So if the entire world could just get on board with that, that'd be swell. Oh also I don't have to pay tax now.

  7. chi

    accidently made an ep yesterday. it's 'orrible.

  8. JayX

    RT @TheOnion: In Focus: Cool Guy From Middle School Still Sporting Phat Pair Of JNCOs http://t.co/UVhN04eWGy http://t.co/hDGngQrCax

  9. JayX

    Very sad to hear about the passing of Harris Witells of Parks and Recreation. Seemed a really good dude, such a pity https://t.co/Dug0lR8aha

  10. JayX

    RT @laismw: Great interview with @ChadMuskehound for the documentary tonight. It's coming along nicely now @Mr__Black @Mark_WButler #MASSI

  11. chi

    FAO Gear heads: how does one measure the impedance of one's cab with a multimeter? plug a lead in and measure the resistance on that? where do i attach the prongs?

  12. JayX

    RT @edocronian: "Black Beauty didn't make sense to me when we live in a world with Airwolf" @ChadMuskehound

  13. chi

    the walls ran red around me with warm arterial spray.

  14. JayX

    RT @ChrisA: BBC News captioner really on fire today http://t.co/ErXgfu7rpc

  15. chi

    now i am become mix

  16. JayX

    RT @ComedyBangBang: Maybe it's just me, but for me, if you're talking biggest games in football, you just have to mention the Super Bowl.

  17. JayX

    RT @internettubes: Google just recommended I watch the test card on BBC One HD.

  18. JayX

    RT @weedguy420boner: the thing that drives me nuts about real banksy is not that peoply believe it's banksy. it is that the content is driv…

  19. JayX


  20. JayX

    Wait, we've still not had a network premiere for The Dark Knight? It's nearly 7 years old.. that seems long even for FTA. @brwc

  21. Gemma_DS

    Wearing my @amilliondresses heart pin today http://t.co/gdgssrSzjd

  22. chi

    my phone, she broke. if you need to get hold of me do it through here.