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The site was completely started from scratch, so even if you had an old account you'll have to reregister!  I'm Jay. I started this nonsense back in 2002 then shut it down in 2012 or so as it was

Hey hey, it's ya boi. I joined the massive back in 2005 and I ended up making friends with most of the people I had flame wars with. My band, Spider Kitten are still going, about to put out our 31st (

Hey all, and welcome back SWM! I used to (not that frequently) post on here back then, mostly band stuff, stayed away from the politics haha! Used to play in Taint (bass) and for the oldies


I'm Gareth. Can't remember my previous username but i barely posted anyway, was a long time lurker to see what was going on the the scene after i moved from Cardiff to London. And to check out all the nostalgic stuff from when i lived there. Always end up back in the SWM video archive.

Got into Punk/Hardcore/Ska after moving to Cardiff for Uni in 97, moved to London for work in 03, moved to New York in 2019. Pretty much been going to shows the entire time which was pretty easy when I was spoilt for choice in London. 

I still have my old Fractures, miss drinking in The Angel Tavern on a Thursday(?) and mourn the loss of TJ's. Good times.

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