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  1. Couldn't agree more. I said right away it would have made a good 6 episode mini-series. I didn't even bother with the second season.
  2. I found it entirely distracting. You know that beautiful shot where they go down into the big crater and the camera hovers across the water as they skirt around the outside? All I could think of was the logistics of the steadycam operator stepping onto some crane platform. Basically that for the whole movie. Even though I was consciously trying not to look for the digital cuts, I couldn't help myself. Also, that Tommen Baratheon kid just isn't a good actor. Nowhere near good enough to carry a two-hander like that. Didn't feel a jot of emotional resonance at any point really.
  3. Some weird takes in that lot for me! I absolutely loved OUATIH, and I'm not one to think QT can do no wrong. After Hateful 8, I thought this was a spectacular return to near Inglorious Basterds level form. Agree that Ad Astra was a total waste of good ingredients. When it comes to Sicarios, I thought it was taken as fact that the first one is a modern masterpiece and the second one was only decent?
  4. Is Urban Taphouse Tiny Rebel? If so, I totally agree with you. Really nice space and I don't see why anyone would put a show on in Moon over there. We were meant to be playing a little headline show there 10 days ago, but then CORONA.
  5. There are still free gigs that happen regularly in The Moon, which I suggest is one of the worst designed venues imaginable for live music. I loathe it to the point where I refuse point blank to play there, and I need a very good reason to pass through its threshold at all. Can't think of the last gig in Cardiff I actually paid into. In terms of Newport, Le Pub is still a thing, but it's not the same. There was a lot of idealistic jibber jabber about how "Le Pub isn't a building, it's a mentality" just before the end of the O.G site, but in my limited experience of Nu Le Pub, I'd say it'
  6. I have no recollection of any of that, but the use of "prannet" in an anecdote involving either Sam or myself definitely lends it an air of credibility...
  7. I'm same as you Sean. Never really been "into" comics, but like a good GN from time to time. The elite level shit like Watchmen. It's not all contained in one GN (I think it's 9) but have you got round to Preacher yet? That is similarly incredible.
  8. I’ve actually started to jot things down on my magnetic monthly whiteboard pen fridge calendar (grown up tingz). It has just said FUCK ALL in the middle of it since April started so I thought this would be more productive. Candid list: -Wild swimming -Finish HAAST album (literally had one vocal recording session left) -Loads of outdoor lead climbing -Eat an obscenely expensive dinner somewhere -Long holiday in Italy -Motorbike trip to Ireland -Al fresco banging -Camp and climbing trip to Oxwich Bay -Host a BBQ That’s all I’ve got
  9. They were indeed against all those things. In fewer numbers, but still. Unsurprisingly, “Where’s all this fucking cancer then?” doesn’t phase them.
  10. vXcheapoXv I saw him rocking an Earth Crisis hoodie recently. True facts.
  11. The entire xhywelx era TBH. I'd still probably back everything Hail Of Bullets said.
  12. I only got round to watching Abducted In Plain Sight the other week too. JESUS.
  13. Not only did I watched it but I had the EXACT same reaction as you. Absolute twammers the lot of them...
  14. I mean, really obvious but Trump for sure. As much as I can’t stand the bullshit Bojo has pulled over the last 4 years and as much as I hate that he’s my PM, I don’t really fancy a leadership crisis during the worst public health crisis in living memory. So he can live to die another day. But Trump. Fuck me. The lies and misinformation he’s spread over the last 6 weeks has been mind bending. And the sad part is, it probably won’t make a lick of difference to his re-election prospects. So just let the cunt die now and get it over with. Ideally this month, so his “it’ll be gone in April, i
  15. Not really hating on much at the moment, perhaps surprisingly. Pretty zen about the pandemic of it all. What I’m absolutely not zen about is all the 5G conspiracy nutcasery that’s flying around. “People” in general are certainly seeming to get more stupid, and less discerning as the years roll by. I’m not even just talking about the “5G caused coronavirus” thread which is patently ludicrous. That’s only come about because there was already a mindnumbingly unscientific groundswell of anti 5G sentiment all over the internets ready to attribute all of the world’s problems to radiowaves.
  16. Sunshine and a having legit excuse to be out on my motorbike.
  17. So far I’d say it’s “peak Netflix documentary”. They sure are good at exploiting redneck retards. What is it like 6 hours of TV? And not a likeable character in the whole bunch. Irredeemable shower of despicable bastards.
  18. How timely. I swear I was trying to look back on some of the old and gold threads just a couple weeks ago for some nostalgic mirth. Was gutted to see it was all gone. I’m Hywel (of Bullets), and xhywelx before that. I guess SWM’s falling by the wayside coincided the beginnings of my career as a pencil pushing civil servant. Which I’m still doing in the health department of WG, currently embroiled in this Covid shit, so there’s really no escape from it. I was in all the bands back in the day and then hit 30 and thought “fuck that, I ain’t trying to be no old man in a rock band”. The
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