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  1. I mean, I'm pretty easily pleased but it was fun!
  2. Watched The Vast of the Night yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Loved the whole radio play/Twilight Zone feel. 1950's New Mexico? Strange frequency on the radio? Sold.
  3. Enjoying the second series of Mr Mercedes. Brendan Gleeson is brilliant in everything.
  4. Watched Blackkklansman last night. Loved it.
  5. I can't cope with anything taxing at the moment so multiple episodes of New Girl on Netflix. It's terrible but I love it anyway. Working through Studio Ghibli films on Netflix and watched Pom Poko for the first time. Not my favourite but still good. And a lot of Disney +
  6. Oh, Arrival! I forgot Arrival. That would be in the top 10 for sure. I loved the score for it.
  7. I did. I hated it less. More weird than scary.
  8. Hereditary and VV are two films Dave bullied me into watching. I still haven't forgiven him for Hereditary.
  9. Happy to see The Witch on the video. I love/hate that film. Love it for how good it is, hate it for how stressful I find watching it. And that fucking goat.
  10. It was on there fairly recently. A top 5 would be difficult for me but I think maybe 1. Jaws. I can't even explain why I love it si much. I just do. 2. Full Metal Jacket (I only watched this properly fairly recently and I loved it) 3. Jurassic Park (nostalgia playing a big part here) 4. Hunt for the Wilderpeople 5. Pan's Labyrinth You could probably stick something like Terminator 2 in there somewhere because I will happily watch it over and over and not get sick of it. My tastes aren't particularly highbrow.
  11. 1. Jaws I need to think about the rest.
  12. I've still yet to watch Reservoir Dogs/Jackie Brown/Hateful 8. I loved Deathproof. But I understand that puts me in the minority. I thought it was fun. Once upon a time in Hollywood is fantastic though. So much to love about it.
  13. Saw them at The Moon last year. They're good live too. Really tight.
  14. I really enjoyed Estuary Blacks album that they put out last year. That's probably the newest thing I've listened to. But I will check these out because I'm listening to the same things over and over at the moment.
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