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  1. Working on a couple of books that I've been told by my publisher that I'm not supposed, or allowed, to talk about yet. But, the fact that they're an actual thing, that makes me happy. Or, more accurately, less miserable than I usually am. 

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  2. Older, not much wiser but less inclined to suffer fools gladly. Still making a rod for my own back with Mass Movement, did the band thing for a while again with AxTxOxTx, wrote for Doctor Who Magazine for a bit, finally got a publishing deal meaning that there's at least seven books on the way and started doing the podcasting thing with Chris (Andrews).

    Also discovered that, despite my punk rock protestations to the contrary when I was younger, I do want the finer things in life. Apart from that, it's business as normal, which means days filled with being a stay at home dad, comics, film, genre literature, punk rock, books about the history of Disney, professional wrestling, ice hockey, D&D and a ridiculous obsession with retro geek culture. 

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