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  1. I think the best one I’ve seen so far is that when Epstein got porridge, he grassed on the Illuminati paedo ring, so the NWO invented Corona Virus as a distraction - apparently Tom Hanks is aware he’s been implicated, which is why he’s not come back to the US yet and is “isolating”. There was more to it, obviously with Trump being the all conquering God Emperor, but I forget the details...
  2. You’ve definitely mellowed with age - you used to hate Face To Face for jumping labels!
  3. Cheaper than the expensive free from bourbons you used to buy. I’ve never forgotten that!
  4. I never got into UFC - Connors had a watching party one night at his old place by Virgin Megastore in town with (I think Luke, Richey, Pete Staunch and maybe a few other people), and we had a great time watching Immortal videos and talking shit until the early hours, then the actual event started, and this Russian geezer who fought actual bears came out and sparked the other fella with a jab to the jaw in about 40 seconds... kinda put me off from then on to be honest! I did however also get into K1 Muay Thai for a time - an old school friend of mine used to fight at amateur level,
  5. I can’t wait to go back to work - I’m really lucky that I love what I do, and all the people I work with. my partner also had a baby a few days before this all really kicked off, so none of our family have met him yet, so we’re looking forward to he able to take him out properly and show him off.
  6. Pretty much my entire narcissistic existence as a young man in his early twenties. They say it takes 7 years to replace every cell of your body, so hopefully that guy is doubly dead and fucking gone by this point. Kinda miss GayGothGuy though...
  7. I’m finally watching The Sopranos - I like it. To be fair I started it a few weeks before the shit hit the fan, and I start the final season last night.
  8. That’s a lie - you’ve lost weight and you’re somehow even more intelligent.
  9. Hopefully I’m less of a dickhead these days... I, like a good 60% of hardcore kids approaching 30, decided after a string of shitty office jobs I’d like to draw on people... I guess I’m OK at it. Been living in Plymouth for about 8 years and have 2 children with my fiancé, 2 cats and a house. Life is good. Still vegan!
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