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  1. Veego Andy? I believe he was based in Bristol, but is now further afield- I want to say Manchester, but don’t take that as gospel... was in a band called No Sleep who were cool. Bumped into him on tour/at shows once or twice Over the years.
  2. I had a brief flirtation with wearing clothes that weren’t black for a period of 3 years... shocking, I know.
  3. I’m sure Hywel will be able to hook you up, but if not, I still have The Keep CD.
  4. Has anyone got the DDF EP knocking about online at all? I really want to listen to it again, but my copy is long gone 😩
  5. So hot, I wore a white shirt today. My people do not appreciate this climate.
  6. Started watching The Wire last night - only did the very first one and I can tell this is going deep... about to watch another few now before bed.
  7. I’ve watched a few movies the last week; Kickboxer: Vengeance - A bit shit, but in a good, cheesy way. Criminal lack of JCVD kicking arse. Midsommar - Nicely shot, and not a bad movie by any stretch, but I found it a bit underwhelming. I also didn’t like any of the characters, but I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to? Interested to know what everyone else thought. The Night Eats The World - French zombie movie, lovely stuff with lots of nice camerawork and editing, and fittingly quite poignant at the moment. Very much enjoyed it.
  8. I’ve not, but I’ll check it out. The Royal Tenenbaums almost took the spot in place of Rushmore, but I think even though it’s technically a better movie, it doesn’t have quite as much charm. And it’s always going to have that link with American Nightmare for me, which is a bonus...
  9. Stalker by Tarkovsky is my 6th place choice 😂
  10. 1. La Haine 2. Beetlejuice 3. Rushmore 4. Predator 5. Alien
  11. Also, Totem Skin - we put these guys on down here and they were incredible; mixing punk, hardcore, d-beat, crust etc etc... they were I think being courted by Deathwish for their third album, but broke up before it’s release;
  12. Criminally underrated band you may have heard of already from the North East called Geist - angry, scrappy hardcore with more than a few nods to Cursed (Chris does guest vocals on the album...);
  13. State Run were the young lads from Penarth, right? The Threat from Caerphilly(?) ...and of course, metalcore titans Beneath The Shadows 😂👀
  14. Well you were in about 16 yourself weren’t you!? 😘
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