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  1. There must be somebody but most people aren’t aware this puppy is back.

    Perhaps this could be a thread for any flyers from any period and venue.

    Why the specific time frane, was 2004 the year of your first gig at TJ’s?

    My first visit was 2001, I was a big Bouncing Souls fan and I only got a ticket because I think Guttermouth pulled out as a result of 9/11.


  2. Remember when people used to back and individualy delete every post they ever made because they had a strop about something?

    I look at twitter too much and I don’t even have an account on there, it’s a piece of shit really isn’t it?

    It’s quite cliquey and it’s gotten even worse as a result of fear of bots, trolls and fake accounts etc. You have to have been on there for years, have 100s of followers before your opinion is taken seriously, even then you are a bot if your opinion differs. Fucking blue tick is bollocks.