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  1. So I did’t do it as soon as he was added, but I have stuck him in this week, gave up James Rodriguez to do it so I hope it pays off.
  2. Took Son out because he was apparently injured, I’m fucking fuming.
  3. I would be still be top if you had not left the link up, pls delete for all our ranking sakes. Gw3 was a fucking shocker though, am I right?
  4. Not gonna lie, I was expecting more banter from this league.
  5. Also, you join the league in GW3 with 148 points, knocking me off the top spot, you absolute dick 😉
  6. Yes, a bargain at that price.
  7. 100% gonna buy Bale as soon as he is added.
  8. I’m in, I did join but I had to submit a squad first and then couldn’t edit it, it wasn’t the squad I wanted so I bailed. I will rejoin it soon though.
  9. I went through The Next Generation recently, I had to use an episode guide for essential and must watch episode and skipped some shit ones. It was enjoyable though and I missed it when I finished so I have just started DS9. Rewatched a few things over last 8 months or so, including Seinfeld, Friday Night Lights and Entourage. I thought Entourage would not stand up to days moral standards but it’s actually not as bad as I thought, it’s especially as bad if you watch it as satire, which I’m sure it is anyway.
  10. I actually watched this not long after you posted (didn’t realise it at the time). I quite liked this, I wasn’t really sure at the time but it grew on me (creeped me out) a few days later after it being on my mind. I’ll defiantly revisit it in a few years.
  11. any particular reason? closest i've been is Llandaff...
  12. You are not the only one. Seems like it is trying too hard. i think the drawn out gaps compared to having them all in one go on Netflix hasn’t helped. I started watching Solar Opposites (Justin Roiland) and it’s making up for the substandard Rick and Morty.
  13. Thanks to all who replied. Such a disappointing thread, thought it was going to be full of info.
  14. Not just me then, it’s a bit of mess so early on. I’ll put up with all sorts of shit once I’ve committed, I’m still watching The Walking Dead for Pete’s sake!
  15. I was thinking about continuing Westworld, but after watching a season 2 recap, I can’t even remember finishing it. Too much of a gap between seasons for me. Am I right in thinking HBO held off till GOT was finished as they didn’t have much else and are hoping WW might be the next big thing (not sure that will happen)?
  16. I really do hope we get to the bottom of this one.
  17. (I’m trying to avoid talking about you know what on here, but this is obviously about before it all went down.) This forum was a hub for many people in South Wales and beyond, bought together a lot of talented people. I’ve been out of the loop for a long time, I’d like to know what is going on in SW these days, what happened to bands, promoters and venues. In true SWM tradition I am talking about the wide range of genres. What’s actually going on in places like Cardiff and Newport etc? I have a few specific questions to kick it off. Obviously local is importa
  18. I also borrowed one and then was allowed to keep it, now I can’t believe I used clean the car using just buckets of water or a normal hose.
  19. I used to go on there quite a bit and read old threads, it was rather sad of me really. I asked jayx if there was some kind of bot program that would use all the past posts to continue posting, like a shit Black Mirror kind of thing. It was a group for arranging drinking sessions and discussing beer, you wouldn’t like it, absolutely no love for lager on there.
  20. Do they contain the vaccine?
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