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  1. As I understand it, I’ll wait for an answer to my personal messages for a long time, so I am writing here! Actually, I’ve on your forum a long time ago, but I had to register again - why, I’ll tell you later. Recently, I broke up with my husband (some people know him here!), and I've been chatting on dating sites for 2 years. It's a shame, but it's true. Dating sites disappointed me. Too many perverts and just dumb men. I like strong intellectuals. I am an engineer, but also I'm trying myself in the modeling business. ... ;) Oh yeah, I'm 24, and I love online chat rooms))) instagram, skype. I'll reply only with a personal message! But I can answer in the evening only - I'm running away for a while! I hope for a serious relationship. Write, maybe I'm lucky here. Post changed: Great, the photo didnt load! Does anyone know how to fix this? In any case, my other photos can be viewed here, I will be glad to meet you, I love flirt)) http://luvandates.com/profile/Fannienic/ P.S. Admin! Dont write me again, dude! You're in ignore list! ___________ Post changed 22.07.2019