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  1. 7 minutes ago, Dai said:

    Florida is not the place i'd like to be right now, Jay!

    They always keep it exciting down here for sure. At least I have a garden and I'm not in an apartment block anymore, so outside of work I feel isolated plenty. And my freezer is full enough to get me by another week or two. 

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  2. And of course, the counterpart thread.

    Don't think anything is too minor to hate, vent it out. Just because the world is on fire and the end is in sight it doesn't mean you can't be irked that a gig you wanted to go to has been cancelled or something like that. I should be coming back from a 4 day Wrestlemania trip with my friend today but instead I'm watching my PayPal account waiting for the eventual refund instead. At least I'm somewhat grateful they outright cancelled it, as my football season ticket money still gets taken despite the fact there hasn't been a home game yet.

  3. Gotta resurrect the classics. 

    I've got a new pup who gets to come to my office and hang out with me, and so despite all the other crumminess that's something that makes me happy at least. He has a nice face.


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  4. 4 minutes ago, SørenKierkegaard said:

    Loved the content then - never got to hear the unreleased Dignity Dies First album though!

    Someone speak to Nic and see if he'll let us send copies to people showing receipts of charity donations or something.

    6 minutes ago, Lucy said:

    Oh hi. Guess who married an SWM member and bought a house with them. Otherwise I’ve got more liberal and insufferable over time. Ready to get back to arguing with members of Shaped By Fate on the internet 

    Oh yeah I'm definitely worse than ever for sure. Liberal here is more synonymous with centralism, and I'm ready to burn down the DNC unless they given my man Bernie a go.

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  5. I mean, there's nothing real world going on right now, but lots of online stuff that's been pretty cool. I've mainly watched comedy stuff on Zoom conferences on YouTube and it's filled a gap for sure. So feel free to post that kind of stuff here, it doesn't have to be local just entertaining.

  6. The site was completely started from scratch, so even if you had an old account you'll have to reregister! 

    I'm Jay. I started this nonsense back in 2002 then shut it down in 2012 or so as it was a losing battle against Facebook and other social media. Well guess who's back, baby. It only took the threat of millions getting sick and not being able to leave the house for the corona virus of websites to return.

    Since the site went on hiatus I moved from Cardiff to South Florida, got married, bought a house, adopted a dog, lost my wife to illness, lost my dog to illness. It's been busy we shall say.

    If you were on the old site, pipe up and you'll get the sick OG tag that only 95% of the people who'll ever sign up here will have.

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  7. Welcome back to SWM, the website needed in times of apocalypse. 

    How's everyone doing? Bored? Sick? I'm stuck in my office on a day to day basis still, and trying to avoid people like the literal plague the best I can. Hope everyone else out there is OK and friends and family are all safe. 

    Now, our top 10 people we want to get the COVID. Go.

  8. All the old images uploaded directly to the site should be in my backup, and there'll be a ton of gig posters from that period (unless people were mainly hosting off SWM and hot linking them). Maybe I should put up a huge zip and let people wade through it all...

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  9. I like the fact that I'm now halfway around the world, but can still see what's going on in my friends' lives and that most people I know are on it. But man, the feed is garbage, any groups you join are a mess (especially the bigger ones), and I swear it was a contributing factor towards me not going to shows because it's crap for that kind of thing. 

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