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  1. I definitely am looking forward to finally seeing new Le Pub whenever I'm home and able to get around more than The Village.
  2. I never made it into the second season, people turned against it so hard.
  3. Yeah exactly, it was a good exercise in technical filmmaking and I was definitely thinking the same thing about some of the scenes with regards to mentally working out the tech side. The approach made it feel less real than a lot of other films I think. It's just too perfected, it feels like every movement is rehearsed until every milimeter of movement was nailed. I think I'd just as much watch a version of the film that was someone running after the cameraman with a handycam showing just how it was all done.
  4. I'm curious as to how Hollywood will stack up on a second viewing, mainly due to the I liked it, but it took over an hour of watching for it to somewhat click. Up til that point I was mainly enjoying the performances and the attention to detail that QT always puts in. Last night I got around to 1917, which I'm in two minds about. The cinematography is of course excellent, but throughout I was wondering if the film itself was compromised because of it. But at the same time there's plenty of good war movies already, so does it matter? It did kind of feel like a video game, but agai
  5. If you've seen Interstellar and Gravity, you absolutely do not need to see Ad Astra. What a snore.
  6. Nice, I'm gonna check that out. Thanks Coach. Ha, as I was reading this I was like 'Im sure that's the one I went to' and remembering seeing you at the end. They were always a fun band to see, and always been bummed I've not seen them play anywhere local here. I think the main thing that made me sad in the early 2010s when SWM started to fade was that it wasn't replaced by something newer, and better by young kids who had the energy and enthusiasm to do such things. I would've totally been on board with that, hell it would've probably spurred some joke war between sites or somethi
  7. I stopped the trailer halfway through because I was instantly sold, but the Kermode review made it sound like it would be a better short film or TV episode. I still plan to see it though, it does look cool but I have tempered expectations at least.
  8. OK not specifically covid related, or really a conspiracy, but Alex Jones needs some representation.
  9. Let's see if Twitter embeds automatically... (it does! just paste a link in.) This dude is my favourite person of the day. Watching the host squirm when he keeps refuting everything he says is great. Chamath used to be a Facebook guy, then went on record saying he regretted it and thinks Facebook sucks. He's good people, and he looks super high in that photo which adds to it.
  10. I want that awful indie band who threatened to fight me to come back.
  11. Adore Face to Face, one of my favourite live bands for sure. Caught them again a few years ago in a venue that was hot as hades as they were still amazing, something came up last year when I was supposed to go see them with Lagwagon and H2O locally (but it turned out I got the wrong date anyway, so should've still been able to go, dammit).
  12. So as mentioned in another thread, all the uploaded images and stuff from the old SWM are basically in unlabeled folders that you don't know what you'll get until you open them. The first thing I find is the SWM outing to El Paso where we all look super young. Guessing this was.... 2005 or 2006? Was a super fun night for sure, at Cardiff's finest Mexican eatery.
  13. Only time I saw Good Riddance was at that Deconstruction gig in London in 2000 and they were fantastic, so psyched to see them on the bill. Plenty of time to catchup on the smaller bands I don't know at the moment. I will be truly gutted if normality isn't back by then, or knowing my luck a new wave will hit just before hand.
  14. Ah yeah that's a shame you weren't into it when we used to have PPVs on all the time, I got burnt out on it all tbh... I preferred UFC before they flooded their roster with everyone from their reality show, most of whom just weren't as skilled as the big names of the time. It looks like it's settled since then, but I never got the urge to jump back in. I'd go see a live fight again for sure, they were always fun. I was always into hockey growing up, but moving here cemented the love which I wasn't expecting. Used to be a half season ticket holder for my local NHL team and a wardrobe full
  15. This all hit right in the middle of me having an insane amount of things to do... had friends over from back home and luckily they came and went before it hit, but I was supposed to go to Tampa for 4 days for WrestleMania and a bunch of other things with one of my best friends which got cancelled, I haven't seen Inter Miami kick a football yet despite having paid up like $300 to them (they still keep taking my money, thanks lads) and the hockey season got upended too, and I was going to see Adam Sandler with my inlaws. So a bunch of things got 'postponed' (read: no refunds) but at least some w
  16. The first season of Dirty Money was so good, I need to hunker down with the new ones for sure. Yeah I'll rename this one now so people bored of TK realise it's not just that.
  17. OOOOOOH yeah that was a good one. It just kept getting crazier while the parents were all just "yep, this seems completely fine". I'm going to start on Atlanta's Missing and Murdered, and How To Fix a Drug Scandal next. Most of the way through McMillions, but they kinda took a fascinating story and dragged it out a bit much.
  18. I think what annoys me the most about 5G the most is it's essentially marketing gumph, and the telcoms company a friend works for has had to sink $1bn into just so their competitors don't have a leg up over them (they're pretty small in the grand scheme of things, but big enough to be a player). You don't need to make up the world's most stupid conspiracies to find it tedious, but here we are. Alternative version of the poster I saw on Chi's wall the other day. South Wales' dumbest people all in one place. Twammers.
  19. Yeah a few years ago I realised that maintaining a site that was so, so utterly broken due to years of abuse and bad fixes just wasn't working anymore and all the good stuff was kinda unreadable by that point. I have it backed up at least. In late 2018 it was discussed briefly about bringing it back, so I wiped the slate and installed the forum again but then real life started taking a dive and it petered out. Hence there's a few threads from back then that never really went anywhere. Whenever anything big has happened, there's always been a 'I wonder what the thread about this would be like'
  20. Did you see the cat one with the internet dweebs that did absolutely nothing and got thwarted by an Out Of Office reply, then the cops solved the case in like 2 days. That was something else.
  21. They always keep it exciting down here for sure. At least I have a garden and I'm not in an apartment block anymore, so outside of work I feel isolated plenty. And my freezer is full enough to get me by another week or two.
  22. (Originally Tiger King thread) It's only been a week and I guess we're already out of date on this. But hey, it's pretty mad and almost everyone is awful. I wish Joe could've just been a loveable, crazy person but man he just kept on doing shitty things. The goddamned music video was incredible at least, we'll always have that.
  23. And of course, the counterpart thread. Don't think anything is too minor to hate, vent it out. Just because the world is on fire and the end is in sight it doesn't mean you can't be irked that a gig you wanted to go to has been cancelled or something like that. I should be coming back from a 4 day Wrestlemania trip with my friend today but instead I'm watching my PayPal account waiting for the eventual refund instead. At least I'm somewhat grateful they outright cancelled it, as my football season ticket money still gets taken despite the fact there hasn't been a home game yet.
  24. Gotta resurrect the classics. I've got a new pup who gets to come to my office and hang out with me, and so despite all the other crumminess that's something that makes me happy at least. He has a nice face.
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