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  1. I ended up doing Color Out of Space, and glad I didn't know anything about it. Standard Lovecraft affair but done nicely, and when Nic Cage truly turns up about an hour in it gets really fun. Fancied some brainless stuff so did Aquaman and Hobbs and Shaw and enjoyed both for what they are, but they both ran a good 20 minutes too long and prove that action movies really don't need to be longer than 2 hours. TV show wise I finally finished Vice Principals the other week, and then did Righteous Gemstones this weekend. Absolutely love the Danny McBridge/Jody Hill shows, and Edi Patterson is j
  2. I love a good documentary that I can watch so many times. For me, the ultimate is Style Wars. Everytime I think I can just watch the first 10 minutes or so, but no. It's utterly perfect.
  3. Yeah Ark is what I was referring to. I've had a copy but never could bring myself to watch it. The story of how it was made was interesting though, and maybe one day I'll give it a shot. I have the first two DAU films which sound... I dunno. They sound something.
  4. Yeah, Color Out of Space is in my watch pile. Glad to hear good things, I've tried not to learn anything about it.
  5. The longest extra scene is they do a thing at a river where they act like they're going to throw a child in to sacrifice, but they don't as it's part of the story that he's Yeah definitely, I saw some people say it wasn't what they were expecting but for me it was pretty much exactly what I was hoping for.
  6. Did you do Midsommar too? That's great, directors cut is long but it's the one to watch if you've not seen it.
  7. Yeah, VVitch was excellent. Really pleased me that it completely stuck the landing (same with Hereditary, which I also loved). Nothing worse than getting 90% through something and digging it just for it to fall apart in the final minutes.
  8. Yeah T2 is my other big action movie that I usually list, it's just so good. Blew my mind as a kid watching it on Sky Movies after getting the all clear from my dad. Hadn't seen the first, so had to go and get a copy of that afterwards. That pretty much opened the floodgates of all the 80s Arnie movies and the like, most of which were getting ITV saturday night treatments at the time. Then going out and buying the VHS copies to see the 'uncut' (lol right) versions. FMJ is my favourite war movie, and despite my love for it I'm pretty good at forgetting most of the details so whenever I wat
  9. I watched this video on the weekend: And promptly used it as an excuse to watch some things from his list I hadn't seen. So that was The Vanishing (the 1988 original, I have the 93 remake too but it sounds thoroughly shite even though it was done by the same director) and Audition which I've been meaning to watch for close to 20 years. I also mixed that up with Visitor Q with regards to what I thought might be a spoiler, but nope. Weird film, typical Miike. Thought both were **** efforts, didn't find either scary though but that's not a surprise.
  10. Ugh I hate doing this, because how I feel about movies is often based on when I saw them (nostalgia playing a big part). Unordered pick of 5 that I've given 5* to on letterboxd (which is 32 films out of 1,608 films, as I can be so incredibly stingy and my ratings probably make sense to nobody) x. Dazed and Confused x. City of God x. Spinal Tap x. Aliens x. Whiplash Some basic choices from a basic guy. Needs more shot in realtime Russian art movies.
  11. Dogs and Pulp Fiction are the top two for me as well. Less to do with the filmmaking quality, but just came out at the right time for a kid getting into better/more adult movies. I remember reading Reservoir Dogs script that I downloaded from a BBS before I got to see it, the only time I've ever done that.
  12. Yeah the vocals were definitely part of what didn't work for me, whether I like something or not often lives and dies on the vocal style.
  13. Listening to the Elephant Tree one now and liking it. Modern Rituals wasn't for me, didn't dislike all elements something about the overall sound didn't vibe for me. Ah well. I listen to new stuff all the time, and honestly can't think of anything that's stuck with me in a long time.
  14. Going to the Goodtime Boys gig at Saint Vitus in NYC was so fun, nothing like being the unexpected dude in the foreign country.
  15. ITYSL came out at a really, really dark and bad time for me and it was able to make me just forget life for about 15 minutes at a time and just laugh. It was so needed. Yeah I've not bothered watching The Characters outside of his episode, I hear the rest are pretty bunk. Robinson was underused on SNL, but man the Z-Shirt sketch on the episode that Kevin Hart hosted was amazing, but you kinda have to watch the whole episode to fully get it, just watching the sketch on YouTube isn't right. Middleditch and Schwartz came out yesterday and is as funny as I was hoping, I've done 2 episodes an
  16. I have been reliably informed the previous band was 'Taken For Dead'.
  17. Crisuse aka Cici aka many other things. I miss having a bass rig that was taller than Cerys, I'm glad she seems to be having success with her current band for sure.
  18. Paged Cici. She really should be on here anyway, no excuses.
  19. Yeah I was trying to find benefit gig listings as that would definitely include some from across the genres over a good few years. I'll take it, as nothing else my mob were in would probably apply. Although Cici had a metal band before, and I'm struggling to remember the name of them.
  20. Of the ones they listed, I'll give a pass to FFAF, Ad 7, DDF and SBF. I think Funeral was the one band of that style that kinda crossed over, had members at some point/in former iterations that were more SWM-y. Other bands in that list I liked too, like Juniper etc, but feel we could fill out a bracket of the bands that were more active here. Just from my dreadful memory of who was active when (and a list of tapes I have which helps), I'll submit The Arteries, Atomck, Bedford Falls, Captain Insano, Chains of Hate/Twist The Knife, The Cheapskates, Death of Her Money, Desecration, Dispatch,
  21. It feels so right that we've all come back together to rag on the exact same things as back in the old days.
  22. Can't see Hollywood changing your opinion on him tbh, but yeah you might enjoy the visual part. Keeping this thread on the Eisenberg topic, did anyone see The Art of Self Defense? I really enjoyed it personally, decent black comedy.
  23. That's not fair now Tim, some of these bands existed for a good 6 months.
  24. I'm just about to hit the last season too. I love and hate that show with equal measure.
  25. I got to the bit where they went to the barn at the halfway split in s2 of Walking Dead and never returned. Didn't dislike that season, but man it just seemed everyone found something they absolutely hated about that show and it just didn't sound fun. Now Mr. Robot is finished, I need to watch the last 2 seasons of that, and also catch back up with Better Call Saul as I only ever did the first season but everyone still seems massively on board with that. I blame this stupid raccoon I keep having to give bells to.
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