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  1. JayX

    Old Tour Posters

    All the old images uploaded directly to the site should be in my backup, and there'll be a ton of gig posters from that period (unless people were mainly hosting off SWM and hot linking them). Maybe I should put up a huge zip and let people wade through it all...
  2. JayX

    Facebook must die

    I tip my hat to you, gold to this poster! [deleted] -[deleted] --[deleted] ---[deleted] etc
  3. JayX

    Crazy shit that went down post SWM to now

    Imagine the Celebrity Death thread for 2016 alone. Everyone died.
  4. JayX

    Facebook must die

    I like the fact that I'm now halfway around the world, but can still see what's going on in my friends' lives and that most people I know are on it. But man, the feed is garbage, any groups you join are a mess (especially the bigger ones), and I swear it was a contributing factor towards me not going to shows because it's crap for that kind of thing.
  5. JayX

    Emmy Lou

    This is my basset hound, Emmy Lou. Rescued in June of last year, she’s turning 11 this year. She’s a good, stinky, dog.
  6. With a million or so posts vapourised, what will you admit to being glad is no longer on the internet for everyone to see?
  7. Sometimes a fresh start is the best way forward. How's everyone doing?