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    Gotta resurrect the classics. I've got a new pup who gets to come to my office and hang out with me, and so despite all the other crumminess that's something that makes me happy at least. He has a nice face.
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    Heyoo. Alright. How's it going Names Ben. I used to put on gigs in BrynMawr, Ebbw vale around 2004-2006. Seen plenty of bands over the years. So just popped in for a nose!
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    Hey guys, Ash here, my old handle was "cocco" if memory serves. Since the old days I've got married, got divorced, bought a house, sold it, bought another house, got a dog, got a snake, got some cats, grown a better beard that before, gone bald and started an OU degree in environmental science. I still play bass, currently in Good Morning Vietnam. Other interests include ice hockey, craft beer and cooking.
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    Older, not much wiser but less inclined to suffer fools gladly. Still making a rod for my own back with Mass Movement, did the band thing for a while again with AxTxOxTx, wrote for Doctor Who Magazine for a bit, finally got a publishing deal meaning that there's at least seven books on the way and started doing the podcasting thing with Chris (Andrews). Also discovered that, despite my punk rock protestations to the contrary when I was younger, I do want the finer things in life. Apart from that, it's business as normal, which means days filled with being a stay at home dad, comics, film, genre literature, punk rock, books about the history of Disney, professional wrestling, ice hockey, D&D and a ridiculous obsession with retro geek culture.
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    The site was completely started from scratch, so even if you had an old account you'll have to reregister! I'm Jay. I started this nonsense back in 2002 then shut it down in 2012 or so as it was a losing battle against Facebook and other social media. Well guess who's back, baby. It only took the threat of millions getting sick and not being able to leave the house for the corona virus of websites to return. Since the site went on hiatus I moved from Cardiff to South Florida, got married, bought a house, adopted a dog, lost my wife to illness, lost my dog to illness. It's been busy we shall say. If you were on the old site, pipe up and you'll get the sick OG tag that only 95% of the people who'll ever sign up here will have.
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    Rediscovering old favourites. Been blasting the 2013 mix of In Utero and it's giving me feelings.
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    They always keep it exciting down here for sure. At least I have a garden and I'm not in an apartment block anymore, so outside of work I feel isolated plenty. And my freezer is full enough to get me by another week or two.
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    Eliza is still a bit young for Duck Tales, but i'm persevering.
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    Dungeonpunx, unite!
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    Working on a couple of books that I've been told by my publisher that I'm not supposed, or allowed, to talk about yet. But, the fact that they're an actual thing, that makes me happy. Or, more accurately, less miserable than I usually am.
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    Disney+ cos I’m 34 now and only carefully targeted nostalgia makes me happy
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    Hey all, and welcome back SWM! I used to (not that frequently) post on here back then, mostly band stuff, stayed away from the politics haha! Used to play in Taint (bass) and for the oldies that remember Disco Assassins and Diabolo. Still play in Spider Kitten (drums and occasionally bass) plus since SWMarmageddon l picked up guitar and formed Made Of Teeth with the bassist from Spider kitten (who plays drums in MoT) and the bassist from Lacertilia, 2 releases to date and album #3 on the way!
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