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    Consumed - Heavy Metal Winner. Best song of any Tony Hawk game ever IMHO.
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    I will take plain old 'fun' right now!
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    Who needs Netflix when you can stick on YouTube Live and watch a bunch of dudes run into a police station and burn it down. The future of TV!
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    Just been to Tesco. People are absolutely incapable (or unwilling) to follow the one way system or stay 2m away.
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    The bay is great for doing exactly that, just cruising around it, over the hump, back around - many fun, especially when there's no one else there. Whoop!
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    I've actually got a complete. Got it last summer and didn't use it once! But yeah, I'll definite come meet you down the Bay when it's possible just to cruise around the ramps. I've never been one for tricks.
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    Speaking of nostalgia, they've finaaaaaally announced a proper HD redo of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 in a double pack with most of the original music. Looks absolutely perfect and everything I've been waiting for for years. Roll on September (human life now scheduled to become extinct in August).
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    I don't like this new thing of wacky far out shows about like intergalactic time travelling dysfunctional families or whatever. Rick and Morty wasn't that funny, but they said everything very quickly and angrily so I guess that's what they're going for.
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    I haven't followed UFC in about a decade, but I'll see if I can find a working stream online and jump in. PPVs are like $60 here for sporting things, it's ridic. They still charge the $10 fee for HD too from memory, absolutely stuck in the past.
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    Wow shit, I'd forgotten that!
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