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  1. Last week
  2. I mean, I'm pretty easily pleased but it was fun!
  3. Yeah this one looks neat, glad you liked! Yeah pretty much the whole state is under curfew, I didn't get the alert for some reason but others did. 9pm here, which is later than some places which were 4pm. The original protest for here was in a cuty a few minutes drive from me but the officials refused to allow it so they moved it downtown instead. The direct footage I saw was all peaceful, people singing and spirits looked good. Then it sounds like the police/SWAT turned up and provoked violence, like pretty much everywhere else. I thought I might see some collateral damage on my way to work this morning, as my route goes by a few blocks from the action, but I didn't see anything.
  4. my friend near tampa had a curfew alert last night, he lives in clearwater though so he's way away from the action, are you all good where you are?
  5. Watched The Vast of the Night yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Loved the whole radio play/Twilight Zone feel. 1950's New Mexico? Strange frequency on the radio? Sold.
  6. Who needs Netflix when you can stick on YouTube Live and watch a bunch of dudes run into a police station and burn it down. The future of TV!
  7. Earlier
  8. I've been very lucky to have had a steady flow of work throughout. So I've been working, mostly.
  9. I've got at least 3 albums/EPs that I never finished for various reasons, so I'm getting them done. That's about it though.
  10. We painted a fence and Rae walked Floki on a lead in the back garden. 😻
  11. So the other day I saw Jimbob from Taint jamming with the current drummer from Sepultura via Zoom / Skype / whatever. Anyone else doing anything cool / interesting /unusual during these lockdown times? I don't think I am, so I wish to live vicariously through your cool stories (bro).
  12. Chi

    Today I Hate...

    Yeah, I've been using the little M&S and little Sainsbury's in town, but when we need cat food and heavy stuff I gots to brave the covidiots in Tesco.
  13. Straight up. Our best experience on the couple of times we've gone there is Marks and Spencer food hall in Llanishen - no queue, about 10 people inside, and plus they now sell To Ol beer! #suburbia
  14. Chi

    Today I Hate...

    Just been to Tesco. People are absolutely incapable (or unwilling) to follow the one way system or stay 2m away.
  15. Dai

    Today I Hate...

    fuck having to leave the house and go to work every day.
  16. I watched the first episode of that on prime, and then discovered i needed to buy an additional subscription to watch more.... fuck that. i'm braced for the bullshit, and obviously i have had parts of the end spoiled for me.
  17. Enjoying the second series of Mr Mercedes. Brendan Gleeson is brilliant in everything.
  18. Yeah, there's just too much current/backlog stuff that I really want to watch to be really eager about one in a genre I've never really cared about. Even before the last season smackdown, I would see constant moaning from people as the show went on. Same with Walking Dead, glad I stopped watching that before everyone watching it decided it was the worst thing ever. And Sons of Anarchy. More shows like The Americans please, super consistent and ended strong. Succession, Brockmire, Last Dance in the current lineup.
  19. URGH nightmarish
  20. Agreed. My thing: 3rd credit card cloned and used in the space of 2 months. I don't use my card anywhere weird and I try to use Apple Pay as much as possible as it obfuscates the number on use, so this is a real pain in the butt. Then having paranoia that the phone call I got about it was a part of the scam too, so I hung up on them.
  21. Well it's swings and roundabouts really. You did miss out on 6 seasons of a very well written, very compelling TV show. But on the plus side you were never let down by it.
  22. I honestly don't have any regrets never going past the end of Season 1. I enjoyed it for what it was, but eh.
  23. You might end up wishing you'd stuck with having only watched up to the end of S6...
  24. We've been cracking on through Game of Thrones, i don't think i made it past season 6, and Susie never did more than 1. We're getting towards the end of season 5 now, but only really get time to watch 2 episodes at a time really.
  25. The second they cast Andy Daly as the main dude in the wall, I knew they'd use him for something good and messed up. Like when he shows up in Veep, anyone who doesn't know him will just assume he's a random geeky office dude.
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