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  2. As would I be too!
  3. An encyclopedia of knowledge as ever, Rob Holdfast.
  4. Still mad a girl stole my Shootin Goon demo with the original vocalist from me back in like... 2001.
  5. Nicky here, lurked around lots of pop/punk bands in and around Cardiff before doing The Shortcuts for a few years and haven't gigged in ten years. Used to antagonise people on here mostly with my love of both Agnostic Front and Busted at the same time. Used to get confused for that Nicky from Gunrack? who got a lot of flack for turfing an immigrant family out of their house in Llanrumney, due to the first name, so spent many an hour replying to DMs going "Nah, it's not me" Now 17 years deep into a career in IT. Just bought a house in Swansea and currently doing up one wall
  6. So, I moved away the best part of 15 years ago now, with a brief stint in Zooport for 6 months with my ex partner around 10... I’ve only been back to Cardiff a handful of times since, and I literally didn’t recognise the city centre at all, so much so I was lost at times in and around the extended St. David’s shopping mall, and when I had a little look for a greasy spoon that used to be by the bus station in Newport, I discovered that that part of town was also drastically different now... AAAND, in an apt way, I started watching a series on the BBC last night about a group of vega
  7. I have a deathguard kill team, they made people feel bad about the game and themselves the last time I used them. I've about 9k of dark angles so have slowed down on them, just 3d printing the occasional proxy. I've been loving necromunda since it came back out, got a large goliath gang and a few other gangs for mates to use etc. I'll probably build up the rest of the nurgle stuff I have lying around and use them as a second army, same with necrons. Let's grab a game when we're allowed!
  8. Haha, you’ve swapped one false god for another pal - Praise Be To Papa Nurgle!
  9. Swapped Jesus for the Emperor didn't I
  10. Swear I saw you on a Warhammer Facebook group a little while ago!
  11. Wouldn't happen to remember a Ross Moore, would you? Used to hang around you Shaped by Fate lot. Joined the Army around 2007.
  12. Morning All, I was just wondering what ever happend to SWM and did a quick Google. Surprised to see it start back up again. Can't remember what my username was on the old site but I stopped paying attention to the forum after 2006. I was mainly a lurker, after gig postings more than anything. I do remember meetings a lot of SWM-ers at gigs. I also remember a lot of fights with SWM-ers at gigs. (Ahh to be a teenager again) Fortunately, an adult now. Back in Cardiff since 2016 after dossing about. Miss live music and apart from trying to keep up with the delights of U
  13. Where can I read this? Thanks
  14. No skin in the FF game, but just wanted to say Come On You Irons! ⚒
  15. The recent retrospective by Howl for Ready Eye Collective. Many memories, and all happy. I miss and love South Wales!
  16. I've written a few film scripts over the last 10 years but so far only one has actually been shot. It's called THE TOLL and is black comedy crime thing set in Pembrokeshire. With Covid happening, it's never had a theatrical release and has never been seen anywhere. but it's streaming online for 4 days only through the Glasgow Film Festival between 25th and 28th February. If anyone wants to take a look, it's £9.99 to rent it. You can rent it here https://glasgowfilm.org/glasgow-film-festival/shows/toll-the-n-c-18 This is what the film festival said about it
  17. On se revoit, SWM. I’m not sure if you will all remember me from back in the day, but here I am. I wasn’t the most talkative or savvy back then, but don’t hold that against me. I went into a musical wormhole earlier on whilst suffering in bed with the virus, got browsing through a few of the old South Wales favourites, and then found my way back to this nostalgic paradise. P.S. as horrifying as it still is, it wouldn’t have felt right if Salts Banan hadn’t made at least one appearance on SWM redux.
  18. Merry Christmas Rob Holdfast
  19. Merry Christmas @holdfast
  20. Don’t get too excited mate, no one posts here, in fact you are close to be the second most prolific poster on here!
  21. So glad to see this back! Feel 15 years younger already. Better than Botox. Drummed for Shaped by Fate. Did a stint with Burning Skies and a super short one with Ad7 (whilst Ben was travelling). All super fun times. Now a GP in the Valleys. Married with 2 kids. Oh and..... COVID fuckin sux!!! (That's my official medical opinion)
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