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  2. Don’t get too excited mate, no one posts here, in fact you are close to be the second most prolific poster on here!
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  4. So glad to see this back! Feel 15 years younger already. Better than Botox. Drummed for Shaped by Fate. Did a stint with Burning Skies and a super short one with Ad7 (whilst Ben was travelling). All super fun times. Now a GP in the Valleys. Married with 2 kids. Oh and..... COVID fuckin sux!!! (That's my official medical opinion)
  5. 2021 is definitely the year SWM makes it’s comeback.
  6. 23 views and not a single Merry Xmas.
  7. To think people used to eat toast in there.
  8. Well this GW was an absolute shit show.
  9. Merry Christmas. Is there anyone out there?
  10. Not today but in the very near futute. I just noticed the taint final show poster on the wall of my noise/music room. on friday, Its ten years since the last taint show 😳
  11. So I did’t do it as soon as he was added, but I have stuck him in this week, gave up James Rodriguez to do it so I hope it pays off.
  12. The Death of CDs/ The Death of Her Money removed the 'Her'/ Spekulatius Twix.
  13. Took Son out because he was apparently injured, I’m fucking fuming.
  14. I would be still be top if you had not left the link up, pls delete for all our ranking sakes. Gw3 was a fucking shocker though, am I right?
  15. YOU ALL SUCK! how was that Rob?
  16. Not gonna lie, I was expecting more banter from this league.
  17. New Deftones record is good, to zero surprise. Looking forward to listening to it on my speakers rather than tinny headphones.
  18. I have the DDF files too if anyone would like them
  19. Haven't heard No Sleep but I absolutely loved True Valiance, one of my favourite bands:
  20. Haha, don't worry bro - it won't last long!
  21. Also, you join the league in GW3 with 148 points, knocking me off the top spot, you absolute dick 😉
  22. Yes, a bargain at that price.
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