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  2. Let's go invade Dragon Ninja.
  3. Same user name as before and still called Lloyd.. Older fatter married and now with a son. Not involved in bands as I'm now working for Citizens Advice, Moved out of Beddau to Llantwit Major (slightly posher) Good to see the revival of this site! Still hoping for some full on internet beef! Better than the local smackheads on facebook provide!
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  5. Looks like it didn't like the mobile YouTube links so I switched em out. The daughters one was the same link as the Sunstroke one though.
  6. Marriage and kids. never wanted either but now love both. best thing I ever did, apart from routine check, obviously.
  7. Search wraith reflection records and the songs come up
  8. Ive got the wraith seven inch, might have a couple of copies. The 4 songs from the seven are on YouTube somewhere. @BlackHowl I still want a copy of the keep demo that was a CD-R.
  9. sunstroke. Punky hardcore with a moving target vibe Daughters comeback record was damn good https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4G-N_nm3QnU
  10. What you called? I’ve been on a noise, contemporary music and jazz buzz for a few years now but always kept a few heavy things to listen to but often related to the weird stuff. I’ve got some hardcore recommends too. the last The Body record was great Sightless pit caught my attention. Singer from full of hell and drummer/producer from the body and Kristin hayter (lingua ignota) Lingua ignota edit: not sure why lingua ignota is the only one embedding.
  11. Ha, yeah live MMA events are definitely a thing to enjoy for a multitude of reasons. I remember scoring a few tickets for Valley of Kings for doing a bit of promo on here. The main memory of the night was a dude coming out dressed as Inspector Gadget complete with a dubstep version of the theme, and promptly getting knocked out so hard he had to be wheelchaired off. https://www.tapology.com/fightcenter/events/9631-vok-1 Used to go to a few down in Cardiff Bay too, was tempted to go to Bare Knuckle Fight Club here a few months back until I found out it wasn't just a clever name and didn't really think I needed to see that. Typically I got my times mixed up and missed the Shore fight the other day, I'll have to dig out a clip or find a replay.
  12. Yeah for sure, can't have these things just disappear. I have soooome stuff but low quality as it was for streaming and I wouldn't use mine unless nobody else can find copies.
  13. I have the Freeze Up demo, Human Race demo and State Run discography. Before I upload to whatever file share site, any chance we store them through SWM and start some sort of archive @JayX? I’ve kept everything so I’ll see what I can do about the others.
  14. We saw Jack Shore fight in Cage Warriors live in the Ice Rink. Only MMA event I've been to. It was fun, but incredibly cold, and we were probably the only people there that weren't in high heels, from the valleys and absolutely smashed lol.
  15. I don't know what the deal was with the Aldo fight. Leon Roberts is a great referee normally so fuck knows what happened there. Jack Shore tomorrow I think. He's good. It's only his second UFC fight but he was brilliant in his first one in September and was great when he fought in Cage Warriors.
  16. I had it on from the beginning of the prelims at 6pm so I was burnt out by the time the main championship matches came on, I watched some of the Aldo one where the ref needs to be fired on the spot. The women's matches on the main card were both really good. I see there's a welsh dude on the prelim tomorrow so I'll stick that on for sure. I loved Halt and Catch Fire, the cast in that show is just the absolute best. Made me laugh by the end of the show they pretty much invented everything in tech between about 5 of them. Silicon Valley was fun too, I finished watching that recently.
  17. Fight Island was great! Watched all of Halt and Catch Fire recently. Loved it.
  18. I’m sure Hywel will be able to hook you up, but if not, I still have The Keep CD.
  19. There are a bunch of old SW bands, for me mainly hardcore and punk bands, whose recordings I'd love to get my hands on again. I'm sure some of you feel the same, so I figured a thread of "does anyone still have..." would be great to see if anyone still had any of these records still knocking about on their computers/ hard drives. Mine would be: All Washed Up (played with these guys for a while, but would love to get a hold of that EP they did) Human Race State Run Freeze Up (again, played in FU but have no idea where to find this, online or otherwise) The Slowdance The Keep (literally the only thing I have of theirs is the 7" they did with the Soundgarden cover) Wraith Dignity Dies First (last record they did was an absolute scorcher) if anyone has any of these, I'd be so stoked to get my hands/ ears on them! Feel free to post your own requests! K
  20. I went through The Next Generation recently, I had to use an episode guide for essential and must watch episode and skipped some shit ones. It was enjoyable though and I missed it when I finished so I have just started DS9. Rewatched a few things over last 8 months or so, including Seinfeld, Friday Night Lights and Entourage. I thought Entourage would not stand up to days moral standards but it’s actually not as bad as I thought, it’s especially as bad if you watch it as satire, which I’m sure it is anyway.
  21. I actually watched this not long after you posted (didn’t realise it at the time). I quite liked this, I wasn’t really sure at the time but it grew on me (creeped me out) a few days later after it being on my mind. I’ll defiantly revisit it in a few years.
  22. That's in my next batch of shows to get through once I clear some current ones out, he soured me with the Chris Brown thing a bit but heard good things about the show. UFC Fight Island is on Saturday, so I've reserved some beers and low expectations for that.
  23. Did anyone watch Dave, the Lil Dicky series on iPlayer? I thought it was great.
  24. Has anyone got the DDF EP knocking about online at all? I really want to listen to it again, but my copy is long gone 😩
  25. So hot, I wore a white shirt today. My people do not appreciate this climate.
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