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  2. So I did’t do it as soon as he was added, but I have stuck him in this week, gave up James Rodriguez to do it so I hope it pays off.
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  4. The Death of CDs/ The Death of Her Money removed the 'Her'/ Spekulatius Twix.
  5. Took Son out because he was apparently injured, I’m fucking fuming.
  6. I would be still be top if you had not left the link up, pls delete for all our ranking sakes. Gw3 was a fucking shocker though, am I right?
  7. YOU ALL SUCK! how was that Rob?
  8. Not gonna lie, I was expecting more banter from this league.
  9. New Deftones record is good, to zero surprise. Looking forward to listening to it on my speakers rather than tinny headphones.
  10. I have the DDF files too if anyone would like them
  11. Haven't heard No Sleep but I absolutely loved True Valiance, one of my favourite bands:
  12. Haha, don't worry bro - it won't last long!
  13. Also, you join the league in GW3 with 148 points, knocking me off the top spot, you absolute dick 😉
  14. Yes, a bargain at that price.
  15. 100% gonna buy Bale as soon as he is added.
  16. Nice one! I've still got a load of the originals before I digitized them in a folder somewhere! I need to see what CDs are laying around too, got a load of local demos somewhere
  17. Hiya, I'm Gareth. Can't remember my previous username but i barely posted anyway, was a long time lurker to see what was going on the the scene after i moved from Cardiff to London. And to check out all the nostalgic stuff from when i lived there. Always end up back in the SWM video archive. Got into Punk/Hardcore/Ska after moving to Cardiff for Uni in 97, moved to London for work in 03, moved to New York in 2019. Pretty much been going to shows the entire time which was pretty easy when I was spoilt for choice in London. I still have my old Fractures, miss drinking in The Ange
  18. Veego Andy? I believe he was based in Bristol, but is now further afield- I want to say Manchester, but don’t take that as gospel... was in a band called No Sleep who were cool. Bumped into him on tour/at shows once or twice Over the years.
  19. Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure. I'm so glad we never released the second recording. Coincidentally, anyone seen or heard from andy in the last few years? is he still alive?
  20. Facel Vega - Demo, Harbour split and Sceptres split Facel Vega.zip
  21. Harbour - Gwalia Deserta and the FV Spliit Harbour.zip
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